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What is DXA?

DXA provides detail of the body by looking at bone density, lean body mass and non lean mass. This imaging procedure is most commonly used to accurately assess bone health.

How does a patient prepare for a DXA scan and how is it performed?

To prepare for a DXA scan, wear loose-fitting clothes without metal, remove jewelry, and inform the technologist about any supplements or recent procedures. It’s a quick, painless procedure, and the results will be discussed afterward by a healthcare provider.

How does a patient obtain the results of the DXA scan?

After the scan is completed, the computer generates visual images of the area of the body that was scanned. These images can be transferred to or burned to a CD. A radiologist is a physician who is specially trained to interpret images of the body. The interpretation is transmitted in the form of a report to the physician who requested the scan. Your physician can then discuss the results with the patient and/or family.