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What is a Mammogram?

Mammography is a medical imaging technique specifically designed for breast examination. It employs low-dose X-rays to capture detailed images of breast tissue. These images, called mammograms, help in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases, including breast cancer. Mammography plays a crucial role in routine breast screenings, enabling the identification of abnormalities, such as tumors or calcifications, long before they might be noticeable through physical examination. This early detection is essential for effective treatment and improved outcomes in breast health.

We get it. No one loves getting a mammogram.

But it’s still the best method for early breast cancer detection -- when it’s most treatable.


The exclusive comfort paddle adapts to the breast for a noticeably more comfortable exam.


Innovative imaging technology produces brilliant images at low dose for results you can trust.

Your Comfort

The word “mammogram” often evokes anxiety and fear due to the perception of a painful exam involving breast compression. However, our system automatically reduces the compression force before exposure. The result is a shortened time under maximum pressure, minimizing changes in breast thickness and preserving image quality.

We understand that your comfort is paramount. We have a mammography process to make it gentler and more comfortable without sacrificing the accuracy of the results.