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Preparing Your Child for Imaging

At OnCall Imaging, we understand that children may require imaging tests and can feel anxious or unsure about the process. Our team is experienced in working with kids of all ages, ensuring they feel at ease by explaining the procedures in simple, child-friendly language. We strive to make their experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.

MRI and CT

During a CT or MRI scan, parents are encouraged to accompany their child to provide a sense of safety and comfort. It’s essential for the child to remain as still as possible during the test. To prepare them, you can create an at-home game where they practice lying still. Offer a reward they love, such as a trip to the park, ice cream, or a toy, after the scan. However, please note that pregnant mothers cannot be in the room during this procedure due to safety reasons.

Before the scan, inform your child about the noises they might hear from the machine and consider letting them listen to music on headphones to get them accustomed to the sounds. These steps will help your child feel more at ease and prepared for the imaging test.

Digital X-ray

To ease X-ray tests for your child, turn it into a game. Practice holding still, holding their breath, or playing freeze tag at home. You can also demonstrate how the X-ray works by using pillows to position their body and mimicking the machine’s clicking sound. These fun activities will help your child feel more comfortable and prepared for the actual X-ray test.


During ultrasound testing, you’ll be with your child to provide comfort and reassurance. Before the test, explain to them about the gel that will be applied to their skin and the screen the technician will be using while moving the device on their body. To make them feel more at ease, bring their favorite blanket or toy, and dress them in loose, comfortable clothing. This way, your child will feel more comfortable and supported during the ultrasound procedure.